Admission to Royal Xavier International (RXI)College is an important great opportunity. Parents who wish to enroll their children at RXI College must inquire from our admission Officer, regarding availability of enrolment ahead.

Information can be obtained by over the phone or by e-mail or WhatsApp. If vacancies exist for the required grade, the parents and the child should visit the college and meet the Admission Officer. You are welcome to the college and will be granted a time in between 8.30.a.m. and 04.30.p.m. on this regard.

An application form which issued by the college after a successful completion of an interview and a placement test. If the child is selected for admission, it is mandatory that the parents must enter into a contract with the college to abide by all the rules and regulations of the college

Grades Available For The Admission

GradeAge In Years
LKGfor 3 years
UKGfor 4 years
Grade 1for 5 – 6 years
Grade 2for 6 – 7 years
Grade 3for 7 – 8 years
Grade 4for 8 – 9 years
Grade 5for 9 – 10 years
Grade 6for 10 – 11 years
Grade 7for 11 – 12 years
Grade 8for 12 – 13 years
Grade 9for 13 – 14 years
Grade 10for 14 – 15 years
Grade11For16-17 years

The placement of the child as a student of the RXI College is decided by the administration of the college. It is based on a number of factors including age, previous school records, and the child’s ability to follow the subjects in a particular grade where the placement is sort.

Required documents for the admission are as follows:

  1. Birth certificate of the student.
    1. The Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar General’s Department of Sri Lanka is the only document the school accepts to confirm the age of the child.
    2. The birth certificate of a student of a foreign country should be authorized by the relevant department of that relevant country.
  2. school leaving certificate.
  3. Progress reports.
  4. A statement by the parents, proving that the student is mentally and physically healthy.
  5. Copies of parents and guardians NIC s with contact numbers.
  6. Gramaniladhari certificate.
  7. Documents to prove permanent address. (Electricity bill/water bill etc.).
  8. Any other special documents such as medical reports or guidance
  9. Two photos of the student taken within three months.

Royal Xavier International College